Residential Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floor systems are perfect for use in garages of course, but imagine a custom epoxy floor in your living space, kitchen, basement or bathroom.

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Shiny Polished Car Garage Floor

Epoxy Garage Floors

Your garage does not have to be another garage with the same plain, boring concrete floor installed by the builder.

We can completely customize your garage floor including the colors, style, texture, material, and much more.

You will love how easy your new epoxy garage floor is to clean and maintain.

Request your epoxy garage floor quote now and speak with an expert today to get all of your questions answered. 

Basement Floor Epoxy

Interior Floors

Your garage isn’t the only place you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of epoxy in your home.

Living rooms and basements are becoming very popular rooms to utilize epoxy in residential homes.

Some of our clients are even having us transform their kitchens and bathrooms with custom epoxy applications.

Expoxy is versatile and can seamlessly flow through hallways and around any drains, vents, or other obstacles that may be present. 

Custom Interior Floors

Custom Bathroom Floor

Decorative and Functional Epoxy

Once your epoxy floor has cured after installation it converts to a solid polymer that is extremely strong and resists wear.

We all know decorative concrete and epoxy floors can be absolutely stunning.  But, did you know, special coatings are available to make your floor slip, impact, and/or temperature resistant.

The floors we install are very easy to clean with a broom or mop and last for years and years to come.

Our epoxy services include:

  • Prep
  • Install
  • Finishing
  • Care
  • Repair

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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Epoxy Front Porch

Epoxy Porches

Make a great first impression by greeting your guests with a custom epoxy porch that compliments your home perfectly.

Epoxy does great outdoors and able to withstand UV rays and all of the rain mother nature wants to throw at it.

Concrete Pool Decks

Custom Pool Decks

Pools are a major investment no matter how you look at it.  They come with a significant monetary investment to have one installed and then there is all of the time and money involved in maintaining your pool.

Why not make it as beautiful as can be!  Ask us how we can add those finishing touches to make your pool entertainment area absolutely spectacular.

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Show Off Your Cars!

Epoxy Garage Floors Make Cars Look Great

Imagine your car sitting on a custom epoxy floor showing its reflection from every angle.

We can make it a reality.

Share your ideas with us or have one of our garage floor experts provide you with a handful of options that will compliment your cars and home perfectly.

Talk to Mason Taylor today to get started.

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