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TaylorMade DCE serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients with decorative concrete and epoxy services in Lexington, Cincinnati, Louisville, and everywhere near and in between.

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A home in Lexington

Lexington Flooring Contractor

Lexington, KY is where our business is located.  We love being able to work with local residents and businesses when they are in need of a flooring contractor they can trust and rely on.

The Cincinnati skyline

Cincinnati Flooring Contractor

Cincinnati, OH and the nearby cities in Southwest Ohio is another major market we serve.  Cincinnati is just an hour’s drive from our location in Lexington.

The Lousiville skyline

Louisville Flooring Contractor

The residents and businesses we have had the pleasure of working for in Louisville, KY have treated us very well.  We looking forward to serving more clients in Louisville.

A commercial floor sander

Free Flooring Consultation

Talk to an epoxy expert at TaylorMade DCE to get all of your questions answered and request your free estimate.

The famous Florence Y'all tower

Northern Kentucky Flooring Contractor

Northern Kentucky continues to grow rapidly with new commercial facilities being built each month and new subdivisions popping up all over.  You can catch TaylorMade DCE’s work vehicles in NKY nearly every day of the week.

The southern Indiana waterfront

Southern Indiana Flooring Contractor

We didn’t forget about you Southern Indiana!  We are happy to make the short drive across the Indiana border to meet your flooring needs.

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TaylorMade DCE Service Areas

As shown in the graphic, we cover portions of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

We are growing and expanding our service area each and every year!

If your home or business is located nearby, please feel free to contact us and ask if we are now able to service your area. We hope we can help!

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Have questions about our floor contracting service?

We have provided the answers to the questions we most commonly receive regarding our decorative concrete and epoxy services on our FAQ page.

If you have any unanswered questions or are simply in a hurry, please feel free to call or email us anytime.

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TaylorMade Decorative Concrete and Epoxy is a custom decorative concrete and epoxy contractor based in Lexington, KY.  Serving Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and everywhere in between and nearby. We work with homeowners to national brands with flooring solutions to fit any need and budget.

TaylorMade DCE is the Leading Decorative Concrete Contractor in the Tri-State