Epoxy Design Options

Explore all the possibilities available when you enter the wonderful world of epoxy coating.

Popular Epoxy Flake Designs

Popular Epoxy Flake Options

Flake is a material that can be added to the topcoat of epoxy before it dries to really add character.  When you have an epoxy flake floor, you can be confident it is truly one-of-a-kind.

Epoxy Flake Floor

Contemporary Glitter Options

Contemporary Glitter Flake

Bold Glitter Options

Glitter Flake Options
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Glitter Powder Options

If you are not a fan of the size of the traditional flake that has been used in epoxy for years, maybe the powder flake option will be more appealing to you.

The glitter powder will reflect light like the glitter flake options.  If you do want the additional reflection created from the glitter, sticking with a more traditional flake may be the best option for you.

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Pigment Epoxy Floor Design

Epoxy Color Pigment Options

Flake is not the only option!

We should also mention going with a single solid color is always an option and for certain spaces, it could be just right.

Since we look at our floors like works of art, swirling in pigments is one of our favorite things we do.  When you opt for a pigment swirl in your epoxy design, you once again have a true one-of-a-kind epoxy floor to enjoy.

Epoxy Pigment Color Options 1
Epoxy Pigment Color Options 2
Epoxy Pigment Color Options 3
Epoxy Pigment Color Options 4
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Epoxy Quartz Color Options

When quartz is added to epoxy it creates a very interesting look.  The additional of quartz to epoxy also increases its strength and is why we recommend quartz when the floor in your space needs to be able to withstand heavy traffic and the impact of fallen objects.

Epoxy Quartz Color Options
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Garage With Epoxy Floor

The Possibilities Are Endless

Don’t let the options overwhelm you!

Take a look at your space and take note of the other colors in the space.  Use the existing color palette to narrow down your options before diving into the creativity epoxy allows.

Our flooring experts have years of experience helping our clients pick the perfect color and design combination to match any space.  You can always ask for our opinion when we meet with you to evaluate your space and answer any questions you may have.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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