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TaylorMade DCE will consult with you and recommend the perfect solution to meet practically any industrial flooring need.

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Industrial Warehouse Floor

Industrial Chic Flooring

Polished concrete is becoming more and more popular as it is aesthetically pleasing while providing a strong, durable all purpose space suitable for many purposes.

We get to work with concrete every day and know its true beauty.  Unfinished concrete is usually not very appealing.  Let us polish your concrete floors and show you just how good they can look.

Concrete warehouse floor with line marking usage for safety.

Concrete Floor Striping For Safety

Safety is always at the top of our minds at TaylorMade DCE.

Smart flooring systems can be created by marking up your warehouse floor to make it very clear to everyone what the intended use of each space is.

Clearly mark aisleways, walk or traffic directions, forklift lanes, hazardous areas, and more.  All of this and more can be performed at the time of your service.

We can also embed logos and other graphics for aesthetic or branding purposes.

Hallway Floor Epoxy

Warehouse Floor Contractor

We don’t stop where the warehouse floor ends.

We can polish concrete in hallways or coat them in epoxy.  Nothing gets in our way and we work right up to the edges of all perimeters and obstacles.

Restroom facilities are another common area we perform work on within industrial spaces.

Restroom Facilities Floor Contractor

We Supply Competitive Bids

While we fully intend to go over and beyond with our service, you can still expect a fair bid from TaylorMade Decorative Concrete and Epoxy.

We understand you have deadlines and budgets to meet and we are up for the challenge.

The process starts when you contact us so don’t delay.  Speak with an industrial flooring expert at TaylorMade DCE today.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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