Epoxy Floor Inspiration Gallery

Get inspired by the epoxy photographs on display in our design gallery.  We can bring any of these designs, or your own custom design, to life just as we did for all of these satisfied clients in the past.  If you haven’t checked out all of the epoxy design possibilities yet, you may enjoy viewing that page next.

Picture Your Rooms With Epoxy

TaylorMade Decorative Concrete and Epoxy can make custom concrete or epoxy flooring a reality in your home or business within a matter of weeks!  Contact us to get the process started and learn more about talking to one of the flooring experts at TaylorMade DCE.

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TaylorMade Decorative Concrete and Epoxy is a custom decorative concrete and epoxy contractor based in Lexington, KY.  Serving Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and everywhere in between and nearby. We work with homeowners to national brands with flooring solutions to fit any need and budget.

TaylorMade DCE is the Leading Decorative Concrete Contractor in the Tri-State