Concrete Polishing

Polishing concrete floors hardens the concrete, extending its life along with bringing out its natural beauty.

Polished Concrete in Warehouse Facility

Why Polished Concrete

Polished concrete continues to become more and more popular because it looks great and is easy to maintain.

Polishing concrete is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of any concrete floor.

Many warehouses have adopted polished concrete as their preferred floor finish because it reflects up to 30% more light and can reduce energy costs significantly in large facilities.

Improve safety at your facility by having us mark up your floor with lines, graphics, and warnings.

Polished Concrete Benefits:

  • Harder, stronger, and more durable
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Does not lift, peel, or flake
  • Protects against absorption of oil and contaminants
  • Resists tire marks from fork trucks and other traffic
  • More abrasion resistant than unfinished concrete
  • No hydrostatic/vapor pressure issues
  • Immediate use, no waiting for curing
  • Eliminates dusting of concrete
  • Safer with a flatter, more level surface
  • Meets and exceeds OSHA’s recommended static coefficient friction of 0.5
  • No VOCs, slurry, or application odors
  • Environmentally friendly, natural process using diamonds instead of chemicals

Custom Floors

Polished Concrete Hallway Floor in School

We Polish Concrete Floors

TaylorMade DCE has polished concrete floors for large and small businesses in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, and many smaller towns in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

If you are looking for a flooring contractor to polish your concrete floors and you want it done right at a fair price, contact us to receive our bid today.

Our service includes:

  • Floor Prep
  • Installation
  • Finishing
  • Ongoing Care
  • Concrete Repair

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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How To Polish Concrete

Determine Concrete Hardness

Step 1: Determine the Hardness of the Concrete

In order to determine the abrasive level of the grinding wheels you will be using, you need to use a MOHS Concrete Hardness Tester.  Starts by using the highest tip number and work your way down until you find the tip that does not scratch the concrete’s surface.  Be sure to test 3 separate areas to ensure an accurate reading.

Step 2: Begin Grinding the Concrete

If the floor is coated, you will need to remove the coating first.  Be sure you have repaired any surface cracks or holes before grinding.  Begin grinding using the least abrasive grinding wheel possible based on your concrete hardness test and use more aggressive grits if needed to achieve the desired exposure or to level out any imperfections.  

Concrete Grinding
Finish Concrete Grinding

Step 3: Finishing the Grinding Process

After the initial grinding with the more abrasive grit, it is time to remove any tooling marks left by going over the concrete with a finer grit to remove any swirls or imperfections.

Feeling overwhelmed already?  We are here to help.  Speak with a pro at TaylorMade DCE.

Step 4: Harden the Concrete

Once you are satisfied with your finishing grinding, thoroughly remove any and all debris created in this process.  You are now ready to apply a pore and crack filler to densify the surface and provide greater protection against water penetration and staining.

Harden Concrete
Polish Concrete

Step 5: Polishing the Concrete

You are now ready to use an extremely fine grit to polish the concrete.  This is the step when the magic happened and the true beauty of the concrete appears.  The final pass should be completed with a 3000 grit burnishing pad.

Step 6: Seal the Concrete

Step 6 is optional but highly recommended.  Sealing the concrete will provide extra protection against exposure to grease, oil, and chemicals.  Spray the concrete sealer over the polished concrete surface and repeat with a second coat per the instructions.  It is recommended to burnish the floor one final time after sealing to bring out the maximum shine.

Seal Polished Concrete
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