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TaylorMade Decorative Concrete And Epoxy is a small business making big waves in the epoxy flooring market in the Tri-State.

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The TaylorMade Decorative Concrete And Epoxy family has a passion for caring for beautiful and functional flooring.  It has been that way for as long as we can remember.  It is our pleasure to be able to do what we love and call it work.

We are here to serve you!  If you hire TaylorMade Decorative Concrete And Epoxy, we are confident you will see our passion in our work.  So much so, we back up our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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TaylorMade Decorative Concrete And Epoxy’s Services

Custom Epoxy Floor


Epoxy floors can be installed in car garages,  interior spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces, along with all sorts of commercial applications.

With all types of styling options from decorative flake to metallic shimmers, we have the perfect color combination and design to compliment your space perfectly.

Epoxy Floors

Polished Concrete with black tint


Who knew concrete could look so beautiful?

Concrete is such great material for many types of flooring applications not only because it looks great, but because it is very durable and can be the perfect solution for commercial and industrial applications.

Concrete Floors

Residential Flooring

Install your custom epoxy floor now so you can enjoy it for as long as you continue to live in your current home.  When it is time to sell, enjoy the increased value it brings to your home and how it makes your home stand out from the rest on the market.

Custom Residential Concrete Floors

Residential Floors

Commercial Flooring

Epoxy flooring and countertops are a go-to solution for all types of businesses from retail stores, to restaurants, to automotive sales and service.  Learn more about why you should consider epoxy for your business and get inspired.

Polished Epoxy Floor Services

Commercial Floors

Industrial Flooring

Industrial facilities need a floor that is not only durable but easy to maintain.  Many industrial buildings need their floors to meet certain requirements such as being chemical resistant or electrostatic dissipative and we can meet these needs.

Industrial Floor Contractor

Learn More About Interior Epoxy Floors

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Free Flooring Consultation

Talk to an epoxy expert at TaylorMade DCE to get all of your questions answered and request your free estimate.

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TaylorMade Decorative Concrete and Epoxy is a custom decorative concrete and epoxy contractor based in Lexington, KY.  Serving Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and everywhere in between and nearby. We work with homeowners to national brands with flooring solutions to fit any need and budget.

TaylorMade DCE is the Leading Decorative Concrete Contractor in the Tri-State